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System Requirements
This site is optimized for viewing with Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02. To obtain the full functionality within the site, it is recommended that your Java and Java Script option within your browser is enabled. Your desktop display area should be set at 800 by 600 pixels.

The FlexPaint website pages consist of two main frames: the Side Navigation Bar and the Top Assistance Bar with the Main Content Frame.
The Side Navigation Bar will provide you with access to the main sections of the site. The Top Assistance Bar provides you with help in finding your way throughout the site. It has five different buttons:
Home: You can go back to the home.
Search: You can search for catchwords in the website.
Help: You can get information about the system requirements and how to navigate the website.
German: You can change to the same site written in german language.
The Main Content Frame focuses on displaying the information on a specific item that you selected. Additional links to other content may display from the Main Content Frame.

You may find that you may want to print pages from the site for future references. Selecting the print button from your browser and directing your output to a printer would allow you to do this. Some browsers, such as Netscape, will only allow you to print individual frames, as opposed to the entire web page. In this instance, you will see a print frame command in place of the print command. The print frame command only allows you to print the frame within the page you select when you click on the desired frame.